COVID-19 Office Safety Precautions

While teletherapy is and will continue to be an option, my office is taking the following precautions to protect patients who are starting in person office visits and to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • The waiting room is closed.
  • The restroom is closed to the public.
  • Appointments are scheduled at specific intervals to allow for time to disinfect the office between sessions and to minimize interaction between clients.
  • We ask all patients to wait in their cars until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times.
  • Therapy supplies will be limited to minimize the spread of germs.  Supplies used will be cleaned between sessions.
  • Physical contact is not permitted.
  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed. Trash is disposed of on a frequent basis.
  • The office is thoroughly disinfected at the end of each day.

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